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Taylor is absolutely the most intuitive and knowledgeable person I could have found to help move my family from crisis to health. Her unique, vast body of information, paired with her wisdom and caring manner have been invaluable. I feel more confident knowing that she is there for my family when we need support. She is a treasure and her work a powerful gift."

Meet Taylor Ross

Taylor Ross is a Trauma-Informed Parenting and Education Consultant who works with clients worldwide via phone/video conference and in person in her office in Northern California. She holds an empathic space and provides practical tools and current research to help parents and educators support children and foster emotionally nuanced and resilient community and family cultures. Taylor is a U-Mass Boston Early Childhood Mental Health graduate, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, has certificates in Mediation, Buddhist Psychology and Meditation and Non-Violent Parenting and Education. She has been invited to present at a wide variety of institutions, including Harvard Graduate School of Education, San Quentin State Prison, Family therapy and law groups, educational conferences and private and public pre through middle schools. Taylor strives to help transform difficult dynamics, circumstances and behaviors into rich, connected family and community relationships through providing ongoing support to the courageous clients she serves.


The Practice of Parenting Services

Parenting Consultations

Parenting mindfully is a deeply personal journey that usually requires support, education, growth, healing and courageous presence. Our job as parents is often to offer something that we were not given. We can struggle to nurture our children's growth and to model being the kind of person we would like our children to become as we learn alongside them.


I work privately with parents, in my Bay Area office and worldwide, by phone and/or video, supporting them with their own unique experience in aiming to parent effectively and with integrity. Parents often come to me because there is a situation, dynamic or behavioral concern they need guidance on. Many parents are working to balance the need to hold age-appropriate limits for their children while honoring both their child’s and their own dignity. Sometimes a parent may need support on healing their relationship with their child. Oftentimes, parents realize that their own history or current stress is interfering with their ability to parent with sound presence in particular moments.

I come to the conversation with a unique set of tools. I have trained in Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health and Non-violent Parenting. I have a current understanding of child and brain development and the effects of trauma and Somatic Trauma Healing.

I also have a background in mediation, Buddhist psychology and meditation. I deeply respect that the parent is the expert of their own family and am honored to be brought on team to be an advocate for the wellbeing of the parent and child within the individual family’s needs, culture, capacity and circumstance.

Regardless of the path that brings parents in for support,  I am constantly humbled by the courage and healing that takes place on the journey of parenting consciously. I see parenting as sacred opportunity to show up for yourself and for your child with a supportive grace that requires skill, wisdom, presence, empathy and care.

*Initial consultations are always 75 min.

More often than not, in the process of separation or divorce, couples experience times of stress, fear, anger and/or anxiety. It is important for the child(ren) to have sound, consistent support and help to make meaning of this foundational shift in their family identity. Even though it is usually a primary goal, being able to keep the child(ren)’s experience in mind can be challenging at times.

I hold a safe and empathetic space where parents can together, or separately, work through and work out how to best scaffold the child’s experience and meaning-making of the changes are taking place in the reorientation of their family.

In doing this work, I have learned that there is no “cookie cutter” answer to how to do this well. Every relationship and parent/child dynamic is complex and unique. Preserving the child’s ability to have the best possible relationship with each of their parents is a worthy and beautiful goal. I have found that the integrity of the separation/divorce process overall is often greatly aided by working to consciously parent through this challenging time.

Co-parenting/Parenting Plan/Reorientation of Family Support

Child-Parenting Advocate During Mediation

I am available to join your mediation team, to help you work together to ensure that the well being of your child(ren) is deeply taken into consideration when contemplating and drafting parenting plans and custody agreements.

Talks and Workshops for Schools and Parent Communities

Community support and authentic, open communication is often the bedrock of health and well-being for a school and staff/parent environment. In a world where it is becoming increasingly rare to sit together in solidarity with our neighbors, friends and fellow colleagues, we can loose touch with what we have in common and what is most important to us. The well being of the children in our worlds and the courageous  aim to teach and parent consciously is no doubt a worthy goal to share and support.

The talks and workshops I provide enable connection around the importance of raising children and approaching childhood with a lens of curiosity and empathy, with a commitment to up-to-date research-based information.

I offer a 3 part series, or one-off 2hr talks on topics such as:

A Helpful Understanding of Child/Brian Development
Mindfulness in the Difficult Moments of Parenting/Teaching
Holding Limits with Rightful, Respectful Alignment and Empathy: Redefining Discipline
Understanding and Working with Push-back
The Parenting Paradigm Shift - From Control to Connection
Supporting Conscious Parenting through Divorce/Separation
Parenting/Teaching: The Courageous Invitation to Heal and Support
*I am open to designing a talk to suit your community’s needs.

Please contact me for pricing

The Practice of Parenting
Tel: 415-578-0522
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