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Talks and Workshops for Schools and Parents


The talks and workshops I provide enable connection around the importance of raising children and approaching childhood with a lens of curiosity, support and connection with a commitment to up-to-date research based information.

 I offer a 3 part series, or one-off 2 hr talks on topics such as:

A Helpful Understanding of Child/Brain Development
Mindfulness in the Difficult Moments of Parenting/Teaching
Holding Limits with Rightful, Respectful Alignment and Empathy: Redefining Discipline
Understanding and Working with Push-back
The Parenting Paradigm Shift - From Control to Connection
Supporting Conscious Parenting through Divorce/Separation
Parenting/Teaching: The Courageous Invitation to Heal and Support  

 *I am open to designing a talk to suit your community’s needs. ​

 Please contact me for pricing


To schedule your session with Taylor, provide any relevant information and windows of times that may work for you down below.

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The Practice of Parenting
Tel: 415-578-0522
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