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About Taylor and The Practice of Parenting

Taylor Ross 
Trauma-Informed Family Wellness and Education Consultant

Taylor is a speaker, workshop leader and consultant who specializes in helping parents and educators build and repair healthy dynamics and support  child/community/family development. She provides a safe and empathetic environment while helping clients integrate their own nuanced understandings of topics such as:


  • Child and brain development

  • The importance of the strength and nature of the attachment relationship

  • Aggression, counter-will, rupture, and repair

  • Seeing beneath childhood behavior to the feelings and needs that need support

  • The relevance of parental/caregiver growth and self awareness

  • Working with stress and overwhelm through meditation and mindfulness

  • Setting developmentally appropriate limits with compassion and confidence

  • Shifting the adult/child dynamic from control to supportive connection

  • Experiences and effects of trauma, loss and resilience

  • Age appropriate approaches to challenging conversations

Taylor Ross’ passion for supporting the emotional wellbeing of families has led her to seek a unique variety of trainings. She is a U-Mass Boston Infant-Parent Mental Health graduate, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and has certificates in Buddhist Psychology and Meditation and Non-Violent Parenting and Education. She is a certified Montessori Teacher, has been trained in Mediation, Motivational Interviewing and Parenting Coordination.


"Our children come in with flashlights and magnifying glasses, asking us to tend to our most tender and underdeveloped parts, so that we can show up for and with them as whole, sound mirrors to their developing selves. When we think about becoming parents, this is rarely what is spoken or thought about. The brave work of tending to these places in ourselves often happens in private and is coupled with shame and a delusional sense that it should be easier or others know innately how to do this with more grace."


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The Practice of Parenting
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