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Meditation or Trauma Healing Support

1 hr 15 min
1 hr 

In service of supporting parents, I have gathered a combination of targeted education to help aid my clients in their ability to manage with whole brains and hearts during the difficult moments and to tend kindly to their own individuated nervous systems.

I have witnessed the transformative and preventative benefits of both somatic trauma healing work and regular, mindful meditation practices in my clients lives.

What has sprung from my unique and intimate work with parents, is a collaborative approach that goes beyond parenting. I aid in supporting my clients to build tailored, personal daily practices that improve their ability to be in relationship with themselves and others and to tend to past traumas that are interfering with their ability to respond with presence and grace to their current experience.

 I offer meditation and trauma healing sessions geared to help build self care regimens that are sustainable and resilience building.


To schedule your session with Taylor, provide any relevant information and windows of times that may work for you down below.

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The Practice of Parenting
Tel: 415-578-0522
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