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Taylor's ability to teach parents, teachers, and counselors how to listen and connect with children to build their self-esteem is extraordinary. If we could have one Taylor Ross sharing her wisdom in each Marin County school, our kids would flourish more fully and the world would be a better place.

Dr Jean Hayes, MFT, Children and Family Service, Novato, CA

For our family, Taylor Ross is a consummate organizer for the internal "attics" in our lives, where we were storing & weighing down the floor with more junk than we even knew was there and certainly didn't know how to access.  She brought her flashlight of curiosity, her toolbox of research, her natural and genuine warmth, and with all of these we have been able together to venture into dark, vast corners, clearing away the dust and recovering our treasures. There could not be a better modality for us than Taylor.

Her ability to not get bogged down in typical "therapeutic" dogma has especially helped us think constructively and feel positive about the sea change we are making for everyone in our family.  Her wisdom and knowledge we will carry with us, enriching our lives always.

Northern California parent

Taylor Ross offered a workshop for about 20 people at my private practice office in Los Angeles this past January and it was a truly transformational experience for many of the participants, including myself. Taylor's talent as an instructor is in the fact that she not only relays very useful information (research studies, statistics, practical techniques to use) but also provides such a safe emotional space for participants to explore their own reactions to parenting when necessary.

Taylor's approach is deeply important — with it she offers us the tools to raise a new generation of strong, thoughtful, and compassionate adults. Her voice is such a clear one in this field. I strongly encourage anyone interested in being a mindful parent to sign up for this workshop.

Justin Shubert, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

Watching my students' reactions to the information that Taylor provided on the brain was extremely fascinating. I watched in disbelief as my most anxious and shy student shared very real, personal experiences in front of her peers for the first time. It was as if my class was suddenly being privileged to why they behave the way they do on certain occasions. So often I hear students say, "I don't know what happens to me, sometimes I just say or do things without thinking!" and finally, some one was able to explain to them why and how that happens! The knowledge that Taylor shared with my class in just one single session was a gift that I will have the benefit of enjoying for the rest of the school year. I am beyond grateful for Taylor and the work that she has so magically shared with my students and their incredibly lucky teacher.  

Amy Fadeji, 2nd grade teacherspacerspacer

Taking these parenting workshops make me feel excited about being parent. Knowing that there are other people going through the same challenges that I am faced with everyday and that there can be a different approach to parenting gives me hope. Hope that we can improve in our communication and in a loving way, find new ways to provide a loving and secure environment for our children. Then our children can share that gift with their children.

Los Angeles Parentspacerspacer

This work touched something deep within the adult's in the room, around contemplating childhood and acknowledging the challenges and desires around emotional health within our families.

Nancy Wasserman, Elementary School Principalspacerspacer

Taylor is absolutely the most intuitive and knowledgeable person I could have found to help move my family from crisis to health. Her unique, vast body of information, paired with her wisdom and caring manner have been invaluable. I feel more confident knowing that she is there for my family when we need support. She is a treasure and her work a powerful gift.

Dr.Kaia Stern

Parent Educator Taylor Ross recently gave a workshop on The Practice of Parenting at my psychotherapy clinic in Los Angeles (www.jadetree.la). Taylor’s presentation was lucid and inspiring, and the material was nothing short of revolutionary. Participants in the workshop were asked to examine the feelings and needs that lie behind behavior—in their children, in their current selves, and in themselves as children. Though these topics are inherently stimulating, Taylor’s style was so warm, relaxed, non-confrontational and inclusive that I witnessed true transformation in the group, within a 6-hour day.

Armed with the latest in developmental brain research, intimate personal parenting anecdotes and comprehensible theories on nonviolent parenting, Taylor imparted a new paradigm that goes beyond the dominant polarization of permissive vs. disciplinarian parenting. Taylor teaches that beyond the behavioral boundaries we choose to uphold as parents, the most pivotal element in fostering psychological health in our children is to honor their rich and valid internal psychological worlds.

Samantha Rader Psy.D., Clinical Psychologistspacerspacer

Taylor explains the brain in such an accessible way for kids. She helps them to understand that they are "brain sculptures" and have a responsibility to help others around them feel safe and happy. Taylor gives the students a manual on their own brain! After she spoke with my class, they had a better understanding of their actions and behaviors, and how they can strive toward making their best choices, especially when they feel "flooded," or upset.

Kelly Mckenna, 3rd Grade Teacherspacerspacer

I was mesmerized by Taylor’s passion, how she broke the information down for my 5th graders, and her command of the room.  It was so fascinating and the kids were really jazzed about what Taylor taught them.  After she left, I asked them to show me on their hands how much they enjoyed that talk (between 1-5 fingers) and she got unanimous "fives"- so great!  We can't wait to have her back.

Julie Gallagher, 5th Grade Teacherspacerspacer