The Practice of Parenting

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Private Family Wellness Consulting

My professional training in education, child development, and Infant-Parent Mental Health provides me with a unique body of knowledge and tools to support families. I offer a safe and compassionate environment, up-to-date research, and tools for being capable and present while facing the many challenges of parenting. 

In addition to providing preventative care, I help families understand and respond to:
  • childhood aggression
  • behavioral and regulatory disorders
  • sibling discord
  • parent-child dynamics
  • sleep / toilet training / weening concerns
  • trauma
  • loss
  • divorce
  • social / emotional well-being
My approach is grounded in a deep respect for the human spirit, our capacity for resilience, desires for connection, and the power of authenticity in relationship. I have a strong commitment to and respect for the families I meet with. I feel honored to witness hard work, the aim for health, and parental love shift painful dynamics into healing connections.

I meet with some families weekly for on-going support, and with others occasionally to offer my guidance on particular concerns.

I offer private consultations
  • in my San Anselmo office
  • via Skype or phone
$185 per 50-minute session
$225 per 75-minute session
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Group Classes

Special Topics for Parents and Educators

“Anger is a symptom, a way of cloaking and expressing feelings too aweful to experience directly - hurt, bitterness, grief, and most of all, fear.”

Joan Rivers

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1-2 hour talks on chosen topic such as:
  • Anger
  • Setting Limits
  • Child and Brain Development
  • Developing a reflective parenting practice
  • Empathy and Regulation
  • Parenting paradigms — Control vs Connection
These talks take place privately in your home, in schools and community settings.

Fees: Please contact Taylor Ross

Intimate Group Classes

6 week, private classes hosted by you in your home (or in my San Anselmo office)—for two hours, one day a week. Usually with groups of 8 or more friends.  Hours are flexible, designed to work around your schedule. Day and Evening times are available.

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These classes are intimate and become tailored to the unique needs within your group.
We have time to delve into each families’ concerns and needs.  You inevitably learn a tremendous amount from each other.  This setting strengthens communities, building common language, understandings, and values.

We cover:
  • Brain and child development
  • Understanding anger
  • The importance of emotional intelligence, empathy and self empathy
  • Setting limits/scaffolding our children
  • Tools to help support The Practice of Parenting
  • Our role/desires as parents, parenting styles and philosophies
  • Developing a reflective parenting practice
Often, classes continue as a support group on a monthly basis.

Nannies, grandparents, all caregivers are welcome and encouraged.
10 people or 6 couples minimum.

Fee: 6 week series $300 per person, $550 per couple

One-Day Intensive Group Classes

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6-hours with 1 hr lunch break.

  • Basic understanding of the principles of
       The Practice of Parenting and the science that
       supports it
  • A new paradigm of parenting
  • Brain and Child Development
  • Seeing behavior as Feelings and Needs
  • Self reflection
  • Understanding Anger
  • Setting limits while staying connected
  • ... and tools to help with the challenges we face as parents.
$150.00 per person / $250.00 per couple

Private Prenatal Parent Consulting and Group Classes

“If you change the beginning, you change the whole story”

Planting Seeds for Optimal Growth
No doubt, you are preparing on many levels for the arrival of your new baby, for being a parent, and for this new stage of your life. Whether you are in a partnership or a single parent, this preparation goes much deeper than buying a crib and getting ready for childbirth.

When I consult with parents of preschoolers, I hear too many say, “I wish I had this information earlier!” This is why I am excited to offer Prenatal Parent Education.

My private consultations and classes are designed to help you enter this new journey with a more concrete understanding of what it will take for you to meet and support the optimal growth of your child and family.

We will explore the importance of being aware of:
• child development
• the growing human brain
• our own histories
• the function of your new family

What the latest in psychology and neuroscience tells us about:
• how we relate to children and the effect that has on the growing sense of self
• being accountable for what we bring to the relationship with our children

Parenting mindfully is a profound opportunity for growth and healing for you, and the biggest gift you can give to your children.

I offer private consultations
• in my San Anselmo office
• via Skype or phone
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Private Prenatal Parenting Consultation
$150 per 50-minute session
$185 per 75-minute session

Intimate group 6 week series,
in your home
$250 per person / $400 per couple
One Day Group Prenatal Intensive
$150 per person / $250 per couple

Large Group 6 week series
$150 per person / $250 per couple
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A series of three 1-hour in-class workshops for school aged kids — working together in 3rd–12th grade classrooms to better understand our shared human experience!

A bottom-up approach to help foster our children's natural tendency towards empathy, compassion and self–reflection.

Learn more about KidsBASIC…
Helping to develop
  • A core understanding of child and brain developmentA core understanding of child and brain development
    • Skills to cope with anger and frustration
    Skills to cope with anger and frustration
  • default_titleSetting limits with empathy
  • default_titleEmotional intelligence in the family
  • default_titleMindful parenting
  • default_titleA supportive community
  • default_titleDeep, long-lasting connections within the family
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