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KidsBASIC is a program designed to help school-aged children develop a rich understanding of themselves and the social world in which they navigate and to provide them with the tools needed to act with integrity.

By introducing a practice of self reflection, basic knowledge of the human brain and an understanding that all emotions stem from basic human needs, we can help build a strong foundation for our children’s academic intelligence, innate compassion for self and other, and their ability to be a self advocate.

The KidsBASIC program begins with three preliminary classes:

BASIC Human Feelings and Needs

BASIC Human Feelings and Needs
One of the essential ingredients to emotional intelligence, is having a well populated understanding and vocabulary of our basic human feelings and needs. This class explores how we feel when our basic human needs for food, safety, autonomy, inclusion, mutual understanding (and many others ) are met or not met. It explores the subtle and real differences between feeling frustrated and confused, sorrow and disappointment. This class helps give children the language to express their feelings and the ability to see what needs of theirs are not being met. This knowledge empowers children to become investigators of themselves, they will learn that there are many ways to meet a need and how to be their own advocate in the world.


In this class we explore tools our kids can use when things get hard. We look at the power of empathy, experience together what is and what isn’t empathy and why it helps when it is authentic. We learn about sensory experiences, such as jumping on a trampoline or chewing gum, and the neuro-science behind how this helps.  We explore how each individual responds differently to the same sensory experiences. We talk about how different types of thoughts can either escalate anxiety or ground us. We also invite the children to contemplate their future selves and the values that they imagine will be truly important to them.


The human brain is a social organ, built primarily in the context of relationships. We have a responsibility to each other as fellow “brain sculptures”, and to ourselves through our repetitive thoughts and responses to emotional sensations. It is helpful, for children to have an understanding of how the human brain grows, builds memories, what its job is at certain ages and how it responds to stress. This information both educates and gives words to the experiences that children are already having within themselves and with each other. It is a powerful thing to have the human experience be normalized for a child. They are not alone and being a human is both messy and fascinating for all of us.
…and is augmented with:

KidsBASIC Discussion Groups

Ongoing discussion groups
An ongoing monthly discussion group helps to keep alive all that the children have learned in this program. An intimate and supportive community has formed while this group has shared and listened to their friends thoughts and experiences.
Together the children start to help each other identify needs, brainstorm tools that may help when faced with a challenge and give and receive empathy.
The value of being together in this authentic, supportive way is a strong seed for academic intelligence, community and resilience.

KidsBASIC Parent & Staff Classes

Parent and Staff Classes

The most profound shifts in consciousness occur when the whole community is involved.  Ideally, parent and staff classes will be given the same week as KidsBASIC so that the new language and understanding that the children have gained is understood, modeled and reinforced in their classrooms and homes.

KidsBASIC Fees

Please contact The Practice of Parenting directly about tailoring a program to your school or community.  We offer bundles that include three 1-hour KidsBASIC classes, one 2-hour Staff presentation, and one 2-hour Parent Ed night. We can schedule ongoing discussion groups and so on. 
Our goal is to find the best plan for your particular circumstance.
KidsBASIC was founded and is directed by Taylor Ross. Taylor is also the founder/director of The Practice of Parenting. 

Her training with UMass Boston’s Infant Parent Mental Health graduate program, Los Angeles’ Center for Non-violent Education and Parenting, and NAMC Montessori Teaching has led her to a passionate career of helping to support the well-being of families and communities through education.

Kids BASIC is grounded in the extensive research that the complexity and coherency of our emotional and social experience in the world is the basic foundation for our well being and academic intelligence.